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Order British Columbia Wild Mushrooms Online

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"The purity and quality of Island Planet Foragers products is unparalleled. Their selectively harvested, and carefully processed wild mushrooms capture the true essence of the forest floor."

Bob Blumer: Food Network host and cookbook author

A selection of Island Planet Foragers herbal teas


Brand new, forest-fresh flavours now available!


New Product Spotlight!

Island Planet Foragers is proud to announce our latest creations to please your palate (and soothe your soul!) As always, these hand-crafted products are pure and natural, lovingly produced with wild-foraged, fair trade, and locally-sourced ingredients! 

  • Exclusive, small-batch, organic, herbal tea blends.
  • Delicious, nutritious, wild mushroom bouillon powder.
  • Natural, organic herbs.

With much more to come (stay tuned)!  Come and see our ever-expanding selection at the Prince George markets, contact us for local delivery, or order from our online inventory for delivery anywhere in BC!


Offering an Awesome Variety of Wild British Columbia Mushrooms

Welcome to Island Planet Foragers!

Pull up a toadstool! We're "fun-guys" to hang around with! Ha, ha. That's a mushroom joke. After you recover from your spasms of laughter, we invite you to explore the natural, wild flavors of BC mushrooms with us! Depending on the season, and our current inventory, we offer up to 10 varieties of dried mushrooms, and blended mushroom products, that are harvested through wild foraging in the pristine forests of British Columbia.


$10 Local Delivery!

Our full range of dried products, plus our freshest, seasonal delicacies, delivered direct to you! Contact us for the current selection of fresh, flavourful wild vegetables and mushrooms !

Our products are available for local delivery within Prince George city limits. Delivery is free with orders of $40 or more.  Browse through our online shop to see what you like, and contact us to make your order.  You can pay with an e-transfer, or cash on delivery.


Q3 Community Market

Open Year-Round!

Island Planet Foragers is thrilled to bring you the wild flavours of the forest, every Saturday from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm, all year long!  This indoor market at 1299 3rd Avenue, Prince George (the old Royal Bank building) offers a tremendous selection of products from many awesome local vendors. Shop in indoor comfort, rain or shine (or blizzard)! We'll be there with:

  • our fantastic variety of dried mushrooms, and blended mushroom products
  • seasonal fresh and frozen mushrooms, berries and forest vegetables (Fiddleheads, False Solomon Seals, Stinging Nettles, Saskatoon Berries, Huckleberries, Blueberries, and more)
  • exclusive herbal tea blends, and organic, wild-foraged and fair-trade herbs
  • weekly surprises for those who like to explore amazing new flavours and natural snacks!

Farmer's Market 

Closed For the Season

From May-ish to October-ish, we also sell our our full range of products at the Wilson Square Community Farmer's Market, at the Prince George Courthouse. Please check our schedule below.


Online Sales

If downtown Prince George is a long way to go, even for some of the most amazing mushrooms you will ever taste, you can order our dried products online and have them delivered anywhere in British Columbia by the fine folks at Canada Post.  We offer affordable flat-rate shipping ($20 per order), and free shipping on orders over $100


Wilson Square Community Farmer's Market

Wilson Square Community Farmer's Market



Where: 250 George Street, Prince George, BC (the Prince George Courthouse)       

When: Every Saturday, 8:30 am - 2:00 pm


Island Planet Foragers joins dozens of local vendors, bringing you the best from the area's growers, makers and bakers.  There's something for everyone!  We'll have our full selection of dried mushrooms, and herbal tea blends, plus fresh, seasonal forest vegetables and mushrooms as they become available. Come and see us this weekend to see what's new on the BC wild mushroom menu!

Book cover of Flavorbomb by Bob Blumer
Page from the book Flavorbomb by Bob Blumer. A variety of spices and ingredients is displayed on a baking sheet.

Bob Blumer is a chef, author, gastronaut, TV host, eight-time Guinness World Record holder, and, it goes without saying, an excellent judge of quality when it comes to wild mushrooms.

Bob is a big fan of Island Planet Foragers products, and over the years, he has

made numerous recipes with the wild mushrooms he has purchased from us.

In his latest book, Flavorbomb, he features our dried morels in a photo montage of his favorite go-to ingredients.  Those are our little guys identified by the arrow.

We couldn't be more proud. 

The Magic of the Mushroom!


"Umami" Delicious

Sauteed mushrooms in a silver serving plate

Mushrooms have a flavor rich in "umami": savory, satisfying, distinct and full-bodied.  Like fine wines, British Columbia wild mushrooms are prized by chefs and food lovers for their own unique characteristics -- delightful combinations of peppery, nutty, fruity, or woody accents.  



Close up of sliced mushroom

Fat-free, gluten-free, low in sodium and calories, rich in fiber and protein, and packed with nutrients, mushrooms truly are a natural "superfood".  As the only non-animal source of vitamin D, then can even make you a little happier.  Wild mushrooms are naturally higher in vitamin D content than cultivated varieties, which are exposed to artificial UV radiation.



A steak, mushrooms, and other ingredients displayed on a cast-iron cooking plate

What's better with British Columbia wild mushrooms?  Everything!  Rice, pasta, and potatoes.  Soups, stews, stir-fries, and salads.  Beef, pork, fish, chicken, and seafood.  With Island Planet's blended bits and powder, it's as easy as reaching for the spice rack! 

Eggs.  Did we mention eggs?

Close up of a morel mushroom growing wild

The cap and stem we usually call a mushroom is actually the "fruiting body" of a much larger fungal organism.  Most of this fungus is growing underground, and continuously producing more fruiting bodies.  With respect for the forest, and careful harvesting, picking a mushroom is less harmful than picking an apple from a tree. 



Our Island Planet

As our name indicates, we recognize and respect how extraordinary and fragile this marvelous planet is.  We tread lightly in search of nature's flavourful gifts.  Our small, family operation makes it possible to control every aspect of harvesting, processing, and packaging.  Each and every mushroom is selected and handled with care.  This ensures that our product meets the highest quality standards, and that the forest is able to continue producing this magical, delectable, healthy, and nutritious food source.

Do you pay more for this kind of attention to detail, and labor-intensive processing?  Nope.  Our prices are always competitive, and often better than other suppliers.  Because we also care about you. 

Does this mean other suppliers don't care about you, or the mushrooms, or the forest?  Or begin each day twirling their mustaches and imagining new ways to exploit people and the planet?

Of course not.  We would never even suggest such a thing.  We're sure they are respectable, upstanding, planetary citizens.  Who just happen to have twirly mustaches.

The sun shining through the trees in a boreal forest
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